About Me

I'm Giuseppe Costanza, tech and design enthusiast working as Head of Innovation at Mosaicoon Cretivity Platform. I lead international research projects, I'm in charge of technical partnerships, releationship with stakeholders and I'm Mosaicoon tech ambassador.


Mosaicoon - Human Creativity Engine

Head of Innovation Jan 2017 - Present

I lead global research projects related to creativity, videos and marketing automation. I'm the tech ambassador for Mosaicoon, I'm in charge of technical partnerships and releationships with key stakeholders.
Mosaicoon is the first creative platform that breaks the rules of video production thanks to a data-driven approach based on sharing entertainment.


Things I learned building a retro games arcade cabinet

I’ve got a software development background and I own zero skills in building physical stuff. So the idea of building a wooden cabinet with circuits inside was quite intimidating but fascinating. After a couple of months spent watching tutorials and playing with drill and saw I came out with a satisfying result. Here you find what I learned thanks to this geeky experiment. Continue on Medium

7 things I learned at Asian Free and Open Source Software summit

18th and 19th March I've been at Singapore Science Center to attend the annual summit of Free and Open Source Software. It was my first time attending a tech event in Asia. Here my insights: Continue on Medium

Less is more with Nokia 3310

The presentation of a 2017 version of Nokia 3310 at World Mobile Congress appears to be out of time in a market dominated by a bigger-thinner-more-powerful phones mantra. Continue on Medium

The new Macbook and the lost touch

I’m curious to see if software developers will find interesting ways to take advantage of the tiny multi-touch screen that Apple squeeze in its latest MacBook Pro. Continue on Medium

Is VR entertainment here to stay?

Any kind of news site is speaking about the arrival of Oculus Rift and its competitors on the market. The most enthusiasts speak about a revolution: in a couple of years we will project our fleshy bodies in virtual worlds or we will be teleported to distant realities comfortably from the couch. Continue on Linkedin


University of the Arts London

Master in Communication Design 2007 - 2009

  • Food Tracer Augmented reality mobile application that visualizes information about the origin, production and distribution of food. Check documentation
  • A landascape metaphor for navigating information spaces. Interface design research. Read documentation or try Bookmark Archipelago MVP implementation (needs Flash plugin)
  • Zooming out from the desktop The use of metaphors in Human-Computer Interface design. Download PDF
  • Augmented book Mobile application 2008 check the video
  • London noise map Demo of a noise map of Central London. The map compares the noises people are exposed to on the tube, on the bus and walking for 4 different roots. Download London Noise map
  • Domino effect animation Cause-effect relationship is clear in dominos. I realized an 'incredible machine' to experiment with montage. Domino effect on Vimeo

University of Palermo

B.A. Degree in Communication and Advertising 2001 - 2006

  • Videogames and Communication Dissertation about the relationships between videogames and communication Read English abstract